Did you think I forgot pictures

Here are pictures of quilts done by Amy Davison, most of them were samples made during her quilt workshop classes. Many of the quilts date back to the late 1990s. Amy loves traditional fabrics with traditional patterns. She does not use the typical blocks shown repeatly in quilt magazines. She is adventuresome in her quilt making and designs many quilt patterns that use older blocks. I will be posting more pictures in the future.



MABLENE'S MARKET in cool colors
Warm Colors- Mablene's Market


Floral with Pickey and Spike Triangles
Same pattern using reproduction fabrics ... note the change of color placement changes the looks of the quilt


Hip to be Square and Hip to be Square, Baby … are Amy’s best selling patterns. The astute placement of color changes the way the quilt blocks look. My quilt, FABRIC TALKS TO ME, uses the HIP TO BE SQUARE sashings for my quilt. The quilts below are made using different colorways. Amy had a complete slide show of quilt pictures that compared and explained the colorways.

HIP TO BE SQUARE -- cool colors

HIP TO BE SQUARE - pastel subduded cool colors

This quilt was made by Ginny a guild member.


Mad about Plaid is a pattern created by Amy Davidson and is available on her web page.
Humble Bee Quilt Works…. Amy Davidson Studio.

Amy said she is a County Girl and loves the rural, traditional pallet of colors. A quilt being like a hug, making you feel warm and comfortable.

MAD ABOUT PLAID - cool colors - made by Amy Davidson

MAD ABOUT PLAID made by a guild member

This quilt was made by Ginny one of our prolific guild members.


2 thoughts on “Did you think I forgot pictures

  1. I agree too many people “clone” quilts rather than make them. I think it is much more fun to take my favorite fabrics to make a quilt. I use patterns less and less and design more and more. I design on design wall… love the shifting of fabrics.


  2. I really loved seeing these pictures. It is often very hard for quilters to imagine using the same pattern with different colors. I see it over and over at guild meetings…they make great quilts but just can’t see using anything other than the colors as shown in the pattern, magazine, or book.

    Thanks for showing these!

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