My best friend is GLUE … (washable of course!)

Disappearing NINE patch- in progress

I am almost done with this quilt. I just need to finish one more block then assemble the quilt top. We used 6-1/2 inch blocks to make the nine patch blocks. Our fabric was a collection of everyone’s stash raid combine with donated fabric from various sources. I tried to use as much as I could of several fabrics in the same colors to provide some cohesiveness to the quilt top. I also tried to place the blocks in a light and dark pattern.

Washable Glue Stick and iron --- Just glue the seam and press.

Small dots of washable glue in the seam then let dry or press in place.

I do not know why but, I have been having the darnedest time with my seam allowance. Try as hard as I cannot get my seams to lay down flat. I have been pinning but they keep flipping. So I went back to a trick I learned from Sharon Schamber’s YOU TUBE and web site free classes. She used washable glue to keep her binding in place. She also showed using glue in other circumstance / techniques, such as applique.

I have used glue in the past and found it to work well. I have used both liquid glue and glue sticks. In my picture I have a thick stream of glue in the seam. I did this just so it can be seen. I usually use small drops then iron the seam in place. This works well to anchor the seams into place. The glue washes out in the first wash. I only use products / glue when I am having a difficult time keeping the seams flat and in place after repeated pressing. I do not use the glue as a routine method.

Special tips that fit and ELMER’S GLUE bottles can be purchased at Michael’s and sometimes JoAnn’s. I have also used Roxanne’s glue but find it to be much more expensive. If cheap works, why not use it.

OFF TOPIC, BUT A GREAT TIP….. I frequently use CRAYOLA WASHABLE MARKERS to mark my quilting lines. I am not afraid of getting my quilt wet since I soak my quilt and then block it before squaring up the quilt and putting on the binding.

Of course, you should test these products out before you use them on your MASTER PIECE QUILT.

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