Show Notes for Episode 16: Charity Quilting

CITY QUILTS: 12 Dramatic Projects Inspired by Urban Views

Quilter’s Academy Vol. 3 Junior Year: A Skill-Building Course in Quilt-making [Paperback]

Harriet Hargrave (Author), Carrie Hargrave (Author)

Originally in this podcast I planned a QUILT DIARY, instead I plan to podcast after any sewing session of four hours or longer OR upon completion of a project. I am finding it difficult to podcast on a regular basis. I also feel I should not podcast unless I have done some sewing and my quilting time is limited. I hate being redundant or not having any project in progress. I think that leads to a boring podcast.

I sometimes feel I am talking to myself, because I rarely get comments. I really enjoy conversation with other quilters and had hoped to get more comments. Those comments always give me ideas for more blogging and podcast. So if you listen to the podcast please drop in and say HELLO and tell me what you are thinking and doing with your projects. THANK YOU, I think I am done WHINING .

More pictures of the ongoing charity quilting will be posted as I complete the projects. I also hope to take pictures of the projects made by the other ladies in the group. Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

Pod cast link for Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams

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5 thoughts on “Show Notes for Episode 16: Charity Quilting

  1. Hi Nonnie,
    I am a new listener to your podcast and I like to listen when I am putting a project together. Before I know it the time has past and I have some sewing done. I try to work on a project for about an hour at the most and then I get up and move around. I find that if I work on a project for longer than an hour, I hurt when I do get up and I lose my concentration on the project.
    I agree with you about ‘building your stash’, I have been building my stash for 20 years and last year I decided to go through my stash and I donated a lot of the fabric to the local church. Some of the fabric was of low quality, outdated, not quilt worthy, or just awful. The church was happy to receive the fabric and they used it to make items for their charity events. I also thought that I was doing a good thing by buying the fabric, but I wish that I had been more conservative and saved the money and the storage space for other things in my life.
    I now am working toward using the stash for items that I want to make and I am having fun making projects that I can sell and make some extra money for the things I really want.
    I am also a ‘Gram’ to 9 grandchildren and I enjoy making quilted objects for my 3 children and their spouses and for my grandchildren, but I have to be able to include things for myself that I love to have around my house.
    Thank you for keeping me company while I sew and quilt. I will keep on listening.
    Keep on quilting,

    1. ETHEL,

      What a lovely letter, you just made my day. Aren’t grandchildren the best? As for the arthritis issues I find I do best and have less pain when I walk around more doing my quilting. I do one block at a time and have to get up and iron more and trim etc. Less efficient but who cares…. much better for me physically … the more I move around the less pain I have. I also feel it helps me with the design issues as it forces me to stand back from the quilt and look at the over all picture as I work on the project.

      Keep sewing and commenting… thanks again. It makes me want to podcast more when I hear from listeners.



  2. Love the podcasts! You always make me smile. Especially when you are talking about your grandson. You mentioned a book by a culinary doctor or something like that. Can I have his name again?

    1. Thank you Robyn,

      The doctor’s name is JOHN LA PUMA … he has several books I got CULINARY MEDICINE. He also wrote some books with Dr Oz and Dr Rozien of the YOU THE OWNER MANUAL and YOU ON A DIET health books fame.

  3. Nonnie….
    Loved your episode. Thank you so much for the sweet comments that you said about my podcast. I was worried that people wouldn’t like the baby in the background.

    The Barvarian village here in Washington is called Leavenworth, and it is in the Cascade mountains. Beautiful.

    I think that you are right about the buying fabric. I know that my tastes will change, but I find myself buying fabric with other people in mind. Also, I am working and working on quilts and using the fabric. 🙂 However, that is why I am trying to stop the buying fabric for a while. I have already found some fat quarters that I really don’t like….I found myself wondering why I bought that. LOL. I heard the lecture and learned. Thanks, Teacher Nonnie!

    Hope you are feeling well!

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