2 – 1/2 yards of cute fabric


Center panel with borders... quilting will make this special
Center panel with borders… quilting will make this special


This is a quilt top I designed (yeah?) similar to the comforter tops my mom use to make back in the 60s and 70s, when she worked as a draper in the workshop of an interior designer. She made custom draperies and she often made comforters ( NOT QUILTS) that matched the draperies. She assemble the comforters and then one of the other workers would finish it off.


Since we have so many quilts to make and get quilted in such a short time I have been looking for easy quilts to make. To me it is taking advantage of the fabric. YOU get a really cute fabric x 2-1/2 yards to make the center pattern. I made a small border to frame the FOCUS FABRIC. Because the focus fabric and the border was so close in value I used a gold flange to add a little detail. I then took a second larger border ( 2-1/2 yards) from a contrasting but coordinated color. I cut off the binding first thing ( 6 inches along both selvages) I then divided the remaining fabric in half and sewed on the small border details. I then sewed each panel to the side of my focus fabric.


I will be dropping off the remainder of the fabric to the quilter at our Wednesday meeting. I am hoping we have more cute yardage to be able to make more quick quilts. The quilting will make this little quilt.


Let me know what you think. Please leave comments.


Happy Quilting,

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  1. Hi Nonnie. This comment is actually to CONGRATULATE YOU! I saw that you won a prize on Quilting Stash’s give-aways. And you won it on Mother’s Day. What fun! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. I enjoy your podcasts.

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment. I did send my address to Annie and am waiting with baited breath. I am planning to use the patterns in my NEW CRAZINESS … THE CHARITY MARATHON. I am working on the podcast as I write… so stay tuned.


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