Disappearing NINE Patch

NINE PATCH made with 6 1/2 inch blocks =


I like to put a dark block as the center with the knowledge it will be cut into quarters during the process. I think it gives a nice accent to the quilt top. We are using 6 – 1/2 inch patches made from UFOs, stash busting and donations from quilters. We are trying to make pretty quilts from the blocks. I think the biggest problem we are facing is the lack of contrast / coordinated background material. Some of the ladies are planning to buy some cream and / or black Kona fabrics to act as background fabric. I think another problem will be the lack of “masculine” fabrics ….. we have tons of pink and floral fabrics.


Basically, once you have made your nine patch block made you divide the block horizontally and vertically in half. I like to flip two of the patches catty corner then sew them back together. I have two of the small patches touching against the two large patches. To make attractive blocks I put light fabrics where they will get divided by the horizontal and vertical cuts. I use medium fabrics in the large patches that remain uncut. I think by being consistent with the value placement it helps the miscellaneous fabrics to work together. I plan to put the blocks into a light and dark alternating pattern.


Divide the 9 patch in half on the verticle and the horizontal.


Square the block to 9 inches; put dark patch in left bottom corner.


I square up the blocks to 9 inches. I consistenly place the dark quartered patch to the left bottom measurement as it is a clean cut and will give you better, exact squaring up placement. I reassemble the block, then twist the opposite caddy corner block to assemble them and sew them back together.

Twist the blocks catty corner and then sew together.


Flipped Seams …. How do you fix?


I discovered this morning that I did not get some of my seams in opposition of each other. I flipped the seam in the wrong way with sewing the blocks together. I recently saw THE QUILT SHOW with Jo Morton and she showed clipping into the seams to get a flatter block. I figured if she can do it… I can do it to fix my mistakes. I also made sure to pin better with the blocks I made today. Just because this is for charity does not mean I can do sloppy work.


Thanks to JO MOTON…. a small clip and the seams go where they need to go.


Happy Quilting,



5 thoughts on “Disappearing NINE Patch

  1. Hi, Nonnie, I used to be a quilter (back in the 1980’s and 1990’s) but lately it’s all knit knit knit. But I’m thinking about getting back to the quilting and recently found your podcast. And you are right, it was easy to find you with google. I was glad to find your description of disappearing nine patch block. Makes perfect sense now.

    1. jeri,

      IF you get to go through the blog / podcasts you will find out what I think of knitting…… I am the world’s worst… but every year my grand son gets a new knitted hat…. even if it does not fit.

      I love quilting… to me it is giving someone a big hug.



  2. Hi Nonnie,

    I’ve been quilting for a few years & have heard of the disappearing nine-patch, but never knew what it was. Don’t know why I never bothered to google it or ask someone. But thanks for posting. Now I know what it is!

    Chester, NY

    1. Thanks Debbie, My friend Elaine showed us several blocks that are divided after sewing the intial block. D9P block has been around for years. Missouri Quilt Shop post numerous videos and they show how to make this block if you want to view a video tutorial.


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