Call for ideas . . .

Flint MI
Whaley Children’s Center.

Whaley Children’s Center is a private agency that has a tradition of caring for children and families in crisis. We provide a continuum of services to meet the social, emotional, ethical and academic needs of children and families.

We encourage children and family relationships through support service, community education and advocacy. We work to ensure that all children have a nurturing environment in which to grow.”

It has recently come to our attention that donations to Whaley Children Center has been in a decline. Most of these children have nothing. This came to our attention when some of our Gathering Group quilters volunteer at the center. We are going through our stashes and getting donations to make twin size quilts for Christmas for the children in the home. We are also actively seeking donations for backing, battings and blender* fabrics from local quilt shops. It is our goal that every child gets a quilt for Christmas this year.

(” Blender fabrics are fabrics which work well with a number of diverse style fabrics to bring a cohesive and attractive style. To my thinking it is usually a neutral fabric which provides rest to the eye in busy quilt. Most of our quilts are scrappy but we work hard to make the quilts attractive with the materials at hand. Alex Anderson talked about these fabrics in one of her podcast but she called them by a different name. I think she called them bridge fabrics.” )

Why am I telling you about this charity effort? I will probably be blogging and podcasting about this in the future as I am getting more involved in the effort. The other reason is I am going to post pictures of the quilt, periodically. I am also hoping everyone will send me some pattern ideas. We are looking for blocks that are fast to sew up and assemble. If you have any ideas send them my way.

Post in the comments or email me at :

I will be posting pictures and some notations about the project soon.

Happy Quilting

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