wip- finally got a picture taken

a week ago I sewed.. finally got a picture


I worked on my quilt about two weeks ago. I changed the colors in the chain and changed the colors of the frames. I have been working out of my stash, which is a real challenge….. Okay I bought a few quarter yard cuts, because, I was desperate. I started to make a full size quilt and now it has grown to a queen size or it will be when I add the borders.


Tell me what you really think of it.


No sewing this week as I have been down and out due to back problems. Every time I sit I get shooting pains in my leg and then my toes go numb. BUMMER, BUMMER, BUMMER. Back to the doctors tomorrow for further evaluation. I am getting so bored. Thank goodness I can lay on the bed and type on the lap top. I tried to podcast standing up but that did not work to good. I might have to use my laptop for the next podcasts. That way I can talk and lay on the bed at the same time….. IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.




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