MY first quilt … cira 1975

I never know what I am going to find when I decide to do some cleaning. I am on work leave and am not suppose to lift anything more than 20 pounds but I am driving myself crazy because I am getting so bored. I can not quilt too much at the moment because sitting at the sewing machine cause my back to spasm. So far I can wash dishes by hand ( I usually use my dishwasher) and I can iron. I have pressed all my clothes and fabric for quilting. Anyways I got tired of those projects and found a box of photos / discs that needed to be gone through and sorted. In the process I have found pictures of my first quilt.

I made my first quilt 35 years ago for my niece who was 2 or three years old at the time. I used scrap fabrics… very ugly ones.. Left overs from clothes and other projects most of them were polyester. I used a then new product, CRAYOLA FABRIC CRAYONS, to color drawings and pages from a coloring book. About 15 years ago it became a regular maintenance task to freshen the colors of the drawings and colored blocks using more fabric crayons, inks and fabric paints. The quilt has since gone through several other kids… my grand nephew and grand niece. It is well worn and shredding but instead of getting rid of it my niece a non sewer puts patches over it. The kids have a friendly argument on who is going to keep the quilt forever and ever. I keep telling them to retire that sorry old thing…but they refuse.

No my house is not any cleaner… I did not get rid of any of the pictures, even the bad ones… they all live in a new album instead of being loose in a box.

Here are the pictures.

Old Picture of a 35 year old quilt

close up

First quilt from 1975

7 thoughts on “MY first quilt … cira 1975

  1. Love that you have pics of your first quilt. I have just started documenting my work (for myself). I love that your family treasures your gift. I can understand the cringing when you look at the colors and fabrics used but the love and hugs it has given lives on.

    1. Tracy, The older I get the more important it comes to me that I have to document my quilts. I just was given back ( too fix) two of my first quilts I forgot I made LONG LONG TIME AGO. Pictures are now taken, quilts now fixed ready for the next generation that is coming.



  2. Hi, Nonnie. How wonderful that you have pictures of that first quilt, and that you know where it is and how much it is loved. I was a garment maker before I learned (from books and patterns) how to quilt, and now I rarely make garments. Life is good! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Its nice that you have these pix of your first project. Its even nicer that the family still seems to treasure it.

  4. I had always wanted to learn quilting but had never had a chance – no courses in my area, etc. Then I ordered this book and it did magic: it removed my fears and made me feel that, though quilting does involve work, that work can be pleasant and fun. The instructions and ilustrations are very clear. Detail: I am Brazilian and learned English as a foreign language; in spite of that, I could understand the instructions very well. That proves how clear they are. The projects are also interesting – well detailed, with perfect measurings so that you will not be disappointed. For me it was indeed the ideal first book. It made my first experiences in quilting very rewarding and frustration-free.

    1. Jane … I agree there is nothing like a good book. I learn best visually with clear instructions, having tried to write some myself it is harder then I thought.

      Thank you for your input, it is good see someone come by to read my blog.

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