QUILTING FOR A DIFFERNCE / Tradition with a twist for the lover of hand quilting by Nikki Tinker

QUILTING FOR A DIFFERNCE / Tradition with a twist for the lover of hand quilting ……… by Nikki Tinker

This book was published in England. This is a 2005 revision of a book originally published in 1988. The basic premise of this book is to use embroidery as the hand quilting to add another decorative dimension to your quilt. Ms Tinker reviews tools, threads, thimbles, needles that should or should not be used. There is a beginners sample of various stitches that can be used to embroider and quilt the project through three layers at the same time. Ms Tinker states this is just a beginning of the process, she suggest exploring old needlework books for other stitches and embellishments ideas. The actual stitches shown are lovely but the pictures of the completed projects are simplistic and dated in appearance. Since this is a reprint of an earlier book I was disappointed not to see updated pictures of any recent projects. The lack of updated projects is my biggest complaints about books that are reprinted. Dated projects are presented without any updating. The projects themselves are nice. Satin pillows, wall hangings and a quilt as you go quilt. She shows you how to make small embroidered blocks that are attached using sashing. I loved the stitching the book and recognized many of the stitches.

My other complaint about this book is that none of the pictures show the backs of any of the projects. I often wonder why books and magazines do not show the backs of the quilts. I would be interesting in seeing the backs of the projects in this book in particular. Embroidery does not look like hand quilting on the back. Some times it can be actually messy looking. I know my mom tried to drum “correct” technique with the back looking as nice as the front of my stitching but I was not always successful. I have done some hand embroidery on a mix media quilt. The way I handled the issue was to quilt using a stab stitch technique to quilt the three layers while maintaining the embroidery on the top of the quilt. I do very little hand quilting due to lack of time but I find I enjoy thread painting and hope to do more in the future.

I was felt I got a good deal on the book. I will post a link for the book when I find it again.

Now for a segway, It is my understanding that in England has a long and involve process for learning and becoming certified in needlework. A student / stitcher studies various type of needlework and then get a certification. Some classes are restricted in that you have to have certifications in a technique before you are accepted as a student into advanced classes. It is my understanding that education of needlework is much more formalized then it is in the USA. If anyone knows any more please leave a comment in my blog as I am interested in learning more.

Quilting with a Difference on AMAZON by Nikki Tinkler

Do you know what is a big surpriSe to me. The new books are about $15 but the used books are for sale for $65….. GO FIGURE.


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