I never had a comment for Sandy’s QUILTING FOR THE REST OF US… YOU KNOW YOU ARE A QUILTER WHEN page, but now I do.

YOU KNOW YOU ARE A QUILTER when, you go to a casino and all you see are quilting motifs. In the art work, on the ceilings, the carpets, on the bedspreads, in the fretwork, even on your dinner plates, all I see are quilt related patterns and motifs. It seems that there is very few places I go that I do not see something related to quilting. Here are just a few pictures and I will be posting more.

These pictures were taken at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt Pleasant, MI. They are representative of Chippewa Indian motifs. I have no way of knowing if they are accurate, but I have seen them in other context in galleries and museums.



Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast


Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog




I see a machine quilting pattern

8 pointed star motif on a rug

applique motifs from a carpet

CENTER MEDALLION - Stain Glass Window


4 thoughts on “YOU KNOW YOU ARE A QUILTER WHEN …..

  1. I find them in parking garages and in bad lino flooring. They are everywhere! I started bringing a little sketch book in my purse to jot down a square when I see one 🙂

  2. The Porter Building at EMU has nine patch patterns in the carpet and linoleum. So far I can’t find anyone who can explain tone why that is so. And the current InterrimDean ofnthe college of Ed there is Dr. Quilter!

    1. As I said quilting follows us everywhere we just have to look….

      Sometimes the architect / interior designer knows/ realizes they are using quilting motifs and sometimes they do not realize the relationship…

      Quilting is such a geometric driven art form…..we (quilters / artist / crafters) take the inspiration from what is around us then we invent more. I have been reading / looking through art books depicting art works in different cultures / geographic locations and I was amazed at how they are repeated and duplicated from culture to culture.

      THANKS for your comment and visit to my blog / podcast.




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