Maybe I should stay away from my sewing machine… My quilt hates me!

I should never touch a sewing machine……

When I assembled my QUILT FROM HEXX I broke a rule I learned in my first quilting class. I did not safety pin to mark the section I am suppose to add the new blocks/ section of the quilt to. That is what I learned way back when….. That is what I have always done religiously when assemble the quilt. We were taught to take small safety pins and pin near the edge, but not on the edge of where we are going to sew our long seams adding section to section of the quilt. YOU do this so that you mark where you need to sew your sections together and not get it twisted or misaligned and sewing wrong sections together.

DID I DO THIS??? NO, NO, NO. After spending THREE hours measuring and piecing the sashing so it will exactly match up the two sections. I take the quilt down from the design wall and sew a chunked section to the main body of the quilt. But I sewed the section to what would have been the top of the quilt instead of the side of the quilt ruining my design. I had to UNSEW my section put it back on the design wall, realign everything. This time I safety pinned the main body AND the new section so I would sew the correct sections together. The sashing strip lined up ALMOST EXACT as I had adjusted it when I sewed it onto the top of the quilt. It would have lined up exact if I had not adjusted it. I am going to live with it… I know the goofs are there but no one else can.

I am going back to the OLD ADDAGE….. IF YOU CAN’T SEE IT WHILE GALLOPING ON THE BACK OF A HORSE… then you are good to go.

Yes, a person should always strive for their best workmanship but to paraphrase Sandy in her podcast #38, “A QUILTER SHOULD NOT BEAT THEMSELVES UP OVER MISTAKES.” It is a design decision. Nonnie’s Blog My Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

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Back to sewing…. I am thinking about another podcast… probably a diary of finishing this quilt. Plus I am working on triangles, my mystery quilt and I had better get back to making leaves for hubby’s quilt.


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