Hanging a wall hanging and Quilt Label all -in-one

I recently learned to make hanger and quilt labels all- in -one for wall hangings.

Take large squares x 4

Fold on the diagonal and press

Using your font decorative stitches, write out the information for your label on each of the corner triangles.

Place each triangle in the corners of your wall hanging. Raw edges in the corners. Baste into place.

Put on your binding making sure to catch the triangles in the corners.

Measure a dowel to the correct size of the quilt top. Wedge the dowel into/ under the corner triangles. It can then be used to hang the wall-hanging. I have several small nails, several inches apart where I hang my wall hangings. My dowel holds my wall hanging neatly on the wall.

If my wall hanging does not lay flat against the wall, I take a second (small / thin diameter) dowel and put them into the bottom corners and it helps hide a lot of sins.

I will post pictures in the future but I have to buy some new dowels. Works great for quilt if you forget to put your label on before you get it quilted.


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