Playing with VALUE …

This is Kay’s Mystery Quilt sample. Her focal fabric is the dark rose fabric and her flying geese units have companion fabrics that are a medium dark and blend with her focus fabrics. It may be hard to tell with my picture but they actually form a star. Her puss/cat in the corner blocks are framed by her light fabric. She is still working on the project trying to decide what border treatment would be most attractive.


Kay’s Mystery Quilt Revealed

There are four units. The focus fabric is either the green or the yellow or both, I have not decided, yet. There will be puss (cat) in the corner blocks to alternate with the focus fabric or to make the IRISH CHAIN pattern stronger. The four patches are part of the Irish Chain and the half square triangles become part of flying geese units. Should they have dark points or light points?


I played with my patches/ units, twisting and turning them…. What did I decide… nothing I am still playing until all the units are made and I am forced to make a final decision…. Oh well, a woman has to do what a woman has to do.


Which version do you think would make the prettiest quilt? Write a comment and let me know!



4 thoughts on “Playing with VALUE …

    1. I am thinking I will alternate the green and the yellow because I am coordinating with other fabrics in the collection. I am having a lot of fun just playing with the fabrics. I plan to post when I get this quilt finished.

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