6- 1/2 inch fussy cut focus fabric


We started with our focus fabric and then selected our darks, lights and medium values from our fabrics. We fussy cut 18 patches at 6- 1/2 inch size.




We then made 48 four patch units at 3 1/2 inch ( 3 inch finished)

puss in the corner blocks – 6 inch finished x need 17 blocks



We then made 17 PUSS IN THE CORNER blocks, again 6- 1/2 inch in size ( 6 inch finished.) I think that is a silly name for a block and I can not imagine how it came about.

Half SQ triangles – 3 by 6 inch finished x need 164


We made 164 half square triangles from which we made flying geese units from. These finished at 3inch high and 6 inches across.

These units sometimes surrounded the 6-1/ 2 inch blocks … I was able to see 12 different setting for these units.

I will be posting more pictures with sample lay outs this week. These pictures will go along with my podcast whic I hope to post some time this week.

Happy Quilting,


NONNIE’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast’s Quilting Dreams –Word Press Blog


4 thoughts on “MYSTERY QUILT WORKSHOP- revealed

      SOIRE’E by Lila Tueller … 2009… Pattern #11406
      We bought all we could in all the colorways because my sister / neice and I are doing the grandneices bedroom in this fabric in all colorways. My sister is doing the curtain / me the quilt and my neice is making the wall art using scans of the fabrics for inspiration…. should be cool.

      LOVED THE BLOG… I think it give other podcasters ideas on how to podcast because learning to work a computer beyond WORD is not available in a lot of communities. If it is not an imposition can you also copy and paste this information into BIG TENT …. I am hoping that this will encourage others to podcast.

      You are doing a great job!


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