Nonnie should KNOW BETTER….. Quilt Disaster

It is my own fault and it could have been a heck of a lot worse.
I should know better but I was in a hurry trying to multi task and get several things done at the same time, cooking dinner, washing dishes and a load of laundry done. I had my art quilt project out as I was planning to work on it after dinner. My grandson was playing on the kitchen floor with his cars, but we had been finger painting earlier in the afternoon. I had left the paints in a box but my grandson found the box and painted on my project while I was in the basement doing a load of laundry. I tried to salvage the project but it is beyond redemption.

It could have been worse:

The art project was not going well so I really did not care it got ruined. My grand vision was a STINKER.

He did not paint my floral hip to bee square quilt which was on the design wall.

My grandson did not eat the paints… which he has done in the past when left unsupervised for a few minutes. No evidence eating. Three year old boys are not to be trusted.

My project was simple fused flower based on pictures I have taken of my spring garden. It was kind of flat and uninteresting looking but I had not gotten to the embellishing part of the project. The art project is toast now I have to come up with a new project by Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Nonnie should KNOW BETTER….. Quilt Disaster

  1. It was my own fault from leaving fabric paints around and active 3 year old…. after all we had just had an ART LESSON with his washable paints…. I should have known he would want to paint again cause he did not want to stop painting in the first place.

    I am just thankful he did not get paint on my other quilts or fabrics.

  2. I appreciate your attitude – it could have been worse and perhaps he sensed your frustration with the art quilt and was trying to help out?
    I just listened to a couple of your podcasts and I love them! You are so fun and real. You offer a different perspective to quilting and life in general that I find encouraging and refreshing! I plan to keep listening as long as you keep podcasting. Thanks!

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