Mystery Quilt Workshop, January 29th

Soire’s by Lila Tueller for Moda – Meadow Paisley: moss and sun

………..I signed up for a Mystery Class at Elaine Quilty Shop in Hadley MI. I picked up the class cutting sheet the other day. I had purchased some fabric for border and focus at the Village Quilt Shop for my grandniece a while back. I have the fabric in two colorways…. A limey green back ground called moss and a yellow colorway called sun (MEADOW PAISLEY; I am calling this a MEDIUM VALUE.) I am planning to use this fabric for my focus fabrics and borders.


The fabric is SOIRE’E by Lila Tueller for Moda fabrics. I went to my stash and of course I had NOTHING to match or blend with the focus fabrics. I have been going all over town trying to find some fabrics that I can use to meet the criteria of the other fabrics in the cutting instructions. I need light background / medium print or solid / and Dark print or solid. I can probably go back to Village to pick up the mediums I need to match the fabric I have. I have called and they still have the collection available with about 12 bolts to select from.


The fabric I am going to have trouble finding is the very lights and the very darks. I am not sure if the photos are true on the blog but the pink has a violet cast to it. I picked a simple blender in the medium and dark colorways and use this with my original focus fabrics to select my other fabrics. I have been able to find a vibrant, dark raspberry fabric and a dark moss green for my darks. I also went back to my stash and found some medium dark gold prints. I am not sure which of the fabrics will end up in the quilt at this time.


I am just going to wash and press and get the fabrics ready. We, are suppose to have the fabrics cut out before the day of the class, labeling all of our cuts. That is what I am doing the rest of the time before the workshop. What I did want to discuss is something I frequently do when I am getting my fabric ready for a quilt. I lay out all the fabrics and take a picture of fabric laid out. I then in my PAINT SHOP PRO software take the picture and convert it to black and white. This helps me evaluate the VALUES within the fabrics I plan to use in my quilt. I can see if my fabrics have all the values I need and which ones are actually medium dark or dark and how lights my lights are when compared to the background of my focus fabrics. You will notice that the values are OUT OF ORDER in the black and white picture. I was surprised that the green was actually much darker then the raspberry blender. I had to take a second look. I do this whenever I plan a quilt.


I have viewed several of Jinny Byers videos on YOU Tube and I agree with color selection techniques. Jinny says, that WHEN you need to add ZING, INTEREST, Pizazz to your quilt, you should add darker and lighter values of your colors, to the quilt. (This is my understanding and I apologize if I have it wrong, but I think I am on the right tract.) You should not be matchy, matchy but add values from both ends of the spectrum. Adding the values that are missing. You can use the colors of the quilt for guide but the darks and the lights of your color will bring interest to your quilt. I will frequently find a blender or solid fat quarter that matches the colors in my focus fabric and use that to help me find the other shades / hues/ tints that go with my colors.


Black & White picture for VALUE evaluation


………..I was recently told I was a CONTROL FREAK and YES I am unapologetic a control freak. I think I spend too much money, heart, time, spirit, energy in my quilts not to maintain control. A lot of joy comes from the planning of my quilts. It is not that I do not trust my instructor it is just that the planning of the project, the dreaming of the project is what causes me to dream my happy dreams.


Soire’e fabric by Lila Tueller

Future Plans: I just found out Sue Nickles has a workshop near my home in the next couple of months. I hope to sign up and participate. YEAH ! ! !



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