No quilting here

I had to stop working on my quilt top. Things got a little crazy here. I was going to sew on Monday but instead spent the day tearing my bedroom apart and then putting it back together. Things had gotten out of control in there and I needed to fix it before the health department closed it down. I finally found several of the books I had misplaced in the bedroom. I think that was the main reason I cleaned. I knew I had things in here that I needed but have not seen in eons. I also found stash of fabric I had forgot I had purchase … that really makes me happy…. cause I still like it.

Listened to Pat Sloan’s Podcast with Allison Rosen from Quarter inch. It was interesting. Not sure if I get the concept of SEAMED UP as I have no idea of what Ravlery is or how it functions. It kinda sounds like DATA ENTRY to me and that would be another thing that take me from the sewing…. so it might not happen for me.

Pat Sloan’s Podcast with Allison

I just ordered two Edyta Sitar books from Amazon. I saw her on TQS this past week. Since Edyta is from Marshall MI I have seen her at various guild lectures and always enjoy her presentations. Laundry Basket Quilts Edyta on Amazon Books

I think that buying quilt books has become and an obsession. It rivals my fabric stash. I use to buy just with JoAnn coupons but then a quilter is held hostage to the limited selection that JoAnn carries. Amazon books opened a whole world of quilting to me… it also put a serious dent in my piggy bank. I am rapidly running out of book shelf. This is my main vice in life … as vices go … not too bad.

Well bedtime for me,
Happy Quilting





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