Bad Nonnie, Bad Nonnie… bad, bad, bad.

Bad Nonnie, bad Nonnie

I busted my UFO AND STASH RESOLUTION ALL IN ONE DAY…….I was very naughty today. I am suppose, to be on a stash diet but we went to one of my favorite quilt shop. One of the few quilt shops in the area open on a Sunday. We drove out to Village Quilt Shop in Lake Orion MI. THE VILLAGE QUILT SHOP / I only planned to buy my focus fabric for the upcoming mystery class I will be attending at the end of the month. I ended up buying black and gold border fabric, and several more cuts of fabric that will fit into the quilt BUT then I got sale fabric for my stash….. BAD, BAD, BAD. I had planned to make the MYSTERY project from my stash. I also did not plan to start any other project because they will become UFOs. I personally planned to make only four blocks but I now need a gift for a niece so she will probably get this quilt for her gift. Supposedly this quilt goes together easily….. so maybe it will not end up as a UFO.

I have SUCH good intentions, but such poor will power. Do not worry Sandy, none of these new fabrics will end up in your STASH CHALLENGE.

We also went to JoAnn fabrics armed with coupons only to find out they are not good till next week…. Bummer. I did by a new design wall and a book. Like I need another book…. But I loved it. I bought STASH MAGIC by Jaynette Huff. . I loved the quilt on the cover…. Why because it has BRAVE WORLD BLOCKS as component of a larger block. I already have plans to use the BRAVE WORLD BLOCKS (20) I already have constructed to make the blocks in the quilt AUTUMN HARVEST. I will have to redraft the other pattern pieces to fit the blocks I already have. Jaynette blocks measure 9 inch finished. Mine will be closer to 22 inches. Since part of the blocks are string quilt patches sewn on a foundation that should not be too much a problem. The quilt will be much larger then the blocks in the book because I am starting out with bigger BRAVE WORLD blocks. I will post pictures as I go along. I have a feeling this quilt will be a lot bigger than Jaynette’s quilt. I am working from my scrap stash because I have a huge basket of left over fabric from the Kool Kaleidoscope and Bargello quilts I made earlier this summer. I paid for that fabric and I need to use them! This quilt will be in production for awhile. This will be my TOO TIRED TO BE CAREFUL QUILT.

Going back to the topic of the review STASH MAGIC by Jaynette Huff. STASH MAGIC : I do think it is a worth while book. Most of the blocks are 9 to 12 inches in size, use up a lot of stash / scrap leftovers in imaginative ways. If you evaluate the patterns they are more contemporary, have many secondary patterns. I would have liked to see the quilts made in other color-ways. Ms Huff used very traditional fabrics for most of the quilt. I am guessing those are the scraps she had to work with, but I would love to see the quilts in MODERN fabrics ie Amy Butler or Kaffe Fasset’s fabrics. Because so many of the blocks have solid patches usually light colors I think they would have stood up to Kaffe’s fabrics. I can see using Kaffe’s fabrics in the strings…. But then I LOVE WILD QUILTS.

The second book I am reviewing is Kathy Daughty and Sarah Fielke book called MATERIAL OBSESSION. I think there are three books by these authors in a series. I read the first book while waiting for my friend to finish her class. I would have bought the book but I ran out of money to spend. ( I have a strict allowance, THAT I break all the time. )


This book did make quilts using MODERN, CONTEMPORARY QUILTS in bright colors. I recognized fabric from Amy Butler, Moda, and Kaffe Fasset. I feel that they tamed Kaffe’s fabric by pairing it with solid fabrics in traditional patterns. His fabric brought the pop to the quilt but your eyes are given a resting place by being paired with solids and calmer colors. I think what works with most of these quilts is the pairing of vibrant bright fabrics with the softer, quilter fabrics. I am hope I might buy the book next time I have coupons and of course money.

Something I did buy is a DVD.. not exclusively quilting but more crafting and art techniques. QUILTING ARTS TV, for 40 percent off the list price. (Yeah, for coupons.) I have not watched it yet, but I plan to review it for the future. I am hoping for some ideas for my ART QUILT PROJECT for the guild. If nothing else this DVD should be entertaining while I sew… at least it is better than sports or the TALKING HEADS.


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