I need a new design wall

Floral FOUR patch on too small design wall

I NEED A BIGGER DESIGN WALL…. don’t you agree?

Here I am again struggling with a too small design wall. I basically make QUEEN SIZE QUILTS but my design wall is only for twin/ full size quilt. I will need to buy a second one in order to put my quilts up so I can actually see them too better effect. I had been hoping to get a INVISIBLE design wall but Santa did not bring it…. I will just have to buy it for myself…. SOME DAY. In the meantime I plan to get a second FONS AND PORTER FLANNEL design wall to hang them together for my bigger quilts.

I spent the last two days working on this quilt. I “CHUNKED” Four blocks together with ths secondary sashing. I was able to sew the smaller blocks into a pleasing patterns and will be sewing the rest of them over the next week. I am still not sure I have enough fabric to cut my secondary sashing ( with the pink setting stones) I will not know for sure until I get all the blocks made. I screwed up and cut several strips incorrectly at the beginning of this project. I saved all the pieces so some of my sashing strips might have a few extra seams in them cause I can just sew them together end to end to get the length I need. The old adage says NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION and I am inventing as I go along.

I finished making the paper pieced blocks for my friend and YES I manage to sew one of the four blocks incorrectly. I will be posting those pictures in the next day or so. Paper piecing is not as bad as I thought it would be, but next time I would rather sew on my own project when I am unfamiliar with a technique. I can live with my own screw ups that way.

I plan to do a podcast in the next couple of days… so if you get the chance stop by and let me know what you think.

Update January 4th

*Hip to bee Square, inspiration for my quilt****LINK***

This is the pattern that inspired my quilt. The kaleidoscope mirror image blocks resulted in a different size block when I sewed the patches together so I had to re-size all the sashing strips.

Show Notes for Podcast***LINK***



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2 thoughts on “I need a new design wall

  1. Hi Nonnie! Thanks for the podcast. Suggestion: Post a picture on the blog of the fabric you need more of. I have a bit of fabric but I’m not sure which one you’re short on. Thanks again – enjoy the podcast. Tami in Denver

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