Got bored at home so I went to the only nearby quilt shop I found open. I ran into the new DR Seuss panel and fabrics. Of course I bought some for my grandson. Dr Seuss was my favorite author when I was a kid. I loved, loved, loved, BARTHOLOMEW and the Oobleck. It remains one of my favorite kid books. I have enough of the fabric to make a twin size quilt if I combine if from fabric in my stash. Linda the owner of the shop was nice enough to show me on the internet where I can down load some patterns using the fabric. I did not NEED to buy fabric but hey… my grandson WANTS A NEW QUILT. HE told me so after a lot of prodding.


List of Dr Seuss’ books

On another note QUILTERS need to get ready for the upcoming price rise in quilting fabrics. I have heard from several quilt shop owners that the price is expected to sky rocket in the upcoming year. One, cause of upcoming price increases will be the expected rise in gas / shipping cost. The main cause of the expected price rise has something to do with the failure of the cotton crops in various overseas cotton growing countries. Apparently the crop failure was wide spread and serious, so fabric companies have been letting the shops know there will be PRICE INCREASES.

Have you ever noticed that prices go up but they never come back down after the crisis is over?

I, for one will live out of my stash…

I have tons of my favorite BRIGHTS and tone on tones in wild colors. I have a decent stash of batiks. I am good except for backing and background fabrics, since my stash of neutrals took a big hit in my last two projects. Background fabrics are something I usually delay purchasing till I know what project I plan to make. I am planning to increase my stash of white, ecru, and cream fabrics in the next couple of weeks as long as the prices are reasonable. I usually get half to full yard cuts. I have rarely made quilts with all the same background fabric. I like the totally scrappy look of mix and match backgrounds. Since I took the oath to finish at least half of my UFOs THIS YEAR OF 2011, I am pretty much set for fabric…..

How is your stash looking?


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She is posting her class schedule at Elaine’s Quilty Shop here. I bet she can not resist blogging too!

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  1. Oh yes, that was the talk of Quilt Market! And it is so true. All my suppliers have been sending me the increased prices and they are definitely not anything to sneeze about. There were many that I was able to get in at the old pricing, but many not. You will really begin to see prices shoot up over 10 and 11 dollars per yard. That will not be an uncommon thing.

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