Loaded to iTunes…….. I think!

Kool Kaleidoscope is now my LOGO

I spent most of the day trying to connect to iTunes. I think I got it but I won’t know for a while because apparently iTunes has to approve the content. That kind of makes me laugh cause have your heard the lyrics in some of the songs that are published now a-days?

I used two computers to get everything uploaded. On my lap top I pulled up the FAQs instructions on PodBean. I did the actual work on my desktop computer. I worked through it step by step.

I am hoping you will let me know if it loads to iTunes. You should be able to get it by next week.



3 thoughts on “Loaded to iTunes…….. I think!

  1. I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to listen to your podcast and I’ve not been able to get it on itunes, although I’ve looked for it daily! I know I can listen to it from my computer but who has time this time of year to sit and listen to something without doing something else at the same time 🙂
    Anyway, I’m going to be so happy when I finally get it. I can imagine your frustration this week with trying to upload it!

    1. JUST LET ME KNOW if you can download it. I did get a confirmation from iTunes. … that it is in the que… and just has to be approved. I just hope I do not have to do this each time cause I am not tech savvy and this wore me out.

      Let me know any time YOU CAN NOT LOAD IT FROM I TUNES….some of the other podcasters have been having issues.

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