Inspiration: 2006 DESQG Raffle Quilt


THIS was the quilt I fell in love with and dreamed about for ages.

Australian Patchwork — Found the original pattern ( scan)

This is the original pattern found recently in Australian Patchwork, first installment, just this year.

Gathering of ideas, supplies, fabric – drafting my own patterns


I am gathering my supplies, fabrics, redrafting my patterns, testing techniques. The butterscotch fabric is bolder than the original buff color background. The butterscotch is similar to what is on the bedroom walls. Maybe I will get this quilt done before I get the bedroom repainted.





I have been dreaming of this quilt since I first saw it in my guild’s 2006 raffle.  I think it was what inspired me to start attending meetings on a regular basis.  Up till then I only went once in a while.   No one could tell me what the pattern was named or where it originated.  So I started collecting leaf patterns and motifs in order to make my own version.  I started buying fabric just for this quilt.  The vision changed over the years but not that much.  I bought 9 yards of background fabric when the LQS had a great sale.  To this day that was the most yardage of one fabric I have ever purchased.  I bought smaller quantity of fabric just for this quilt.  I have been raiding my stash looking for fabrics to put into this DREAM quilt. 


Recently when cleaning and trying to reorganize my messed up quilt magazines library,  I found an AUSTRALIAN PATCHWORK magazine that I had bought earlier this year at the rummage table at a quilt show.  I got magazines for 25 cents and I bought $5, worth.  As my habit I started tearing out pictures and information from the magazine older than 2005 for inspiration.  I found the original pattern for the quilt. ( First installment of three.)  I did not know I had it.  I was thrilled. 


I have been redrafting the block patterns because I want my quilt to have a slightly different look.  Plus my adage is, “I can always trim the blocks to a smaller size but IT IS TOO HARD TO MAKE A SMALL BLOCK BIGGER.”   I am going to add other leaves on the quilt… appliqued oak, beech, aspen leaves, as these are the trees that grow in our 8 acre yard.  I am also planning on doing some different borders and center panel treatment, since I do not believe in copying patterns, but I believe you can use them for inspiration.  I have to find a way to make this 70 inch quilt fit a King size bed  ….. I need closer to 110 – 120 inches square to look good on our bed.


As per Francis Dowell on the OFF KILT QUILTER POD CAST, I hope to keep a quilting diary of the progress of this quilt.  I am hoping this keeps me motivated.   I plan to post weekly on where I am at with this project.  I also have several other large projects in the works that I really should finish.

  • Renaissance Angels BOM … I have 18 completed blocks… Still have no idea of what I am going to do with those blocks.  (See earlier posts for details on these quilts. )
  • THIS FABRIC SPEAKS TO ME blocks are still being constructed
  • My daughter wants a Tims’ Kool Kaleidoscope style quilt.

Just so you all know… I edit my pictures so the background is unobtrusive.  I am fighting with WORDPRESS because I can not get the formatting on this page done the way I would like it.  So I am working around it.  I wonder how everyone else gets such nice blogs????   The astrists * * * help keep the journaling where I want it on my page.




    1. Sorry … the pattern was in the Australian Patchwork magazine it is not my design. I have been working on the quilt for a long time… I saved leaf patterns and have made a bunch …. I also made a number of star blocks for the border…. I used the picture for inspiration.

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