15 minute Table Runner…. That took me an hour to make.

The reason it took me an hour to sew this table runner was I had an active almost three year old trying to help me “sew.” He would do things like push the buttons every time I got up to press, changing the machine setting. I ended up breaking a needle. He unplugged my iron. Once I banished him from the sewing room upstairs with grandpa the entire project went much faster and more accurate. I took pictures as I went along but I forgot to take a picture of the final product. The table runner is currently on its way as a gift for a dinner party.I raided my stash selecting two coordinate but constrasting fabrics. There are two versions of this table runner, based on the width of the fabric used.


FABRIC –A : FOCAL 9 INCHES ( OR 12 inches for the wider version.)

FABRIC –B: ACCENT AND BACKING —18 INCHES ( or 24 inches for the wider version)

Two fabics / two sizes of table runner.
Place both fabrics ( A and B) right side together. Sew up both sides and create a tube. Use a generous quarter inch seam.


Right sides of fabric together sew with a generous quarter inch seam.
Sew the second side of the table runner.



Set the side seams before turning the fabic outward. It will lay much nicer for you.

Set the side seams before turning your tube outward.


Square up the end of the runner using your favorite method.

Square up the ends using your favorite method.




I then made sure the sides of the runner was distributed evenly before pressing the runner.

I measured the side accent to keep them even then pressed.



Fold the edges of the runner together. Sew from the edge to the fold. This makes for a nicer finish. There are two options on the way you fold your fabric, it determines how the runner will look.

Sew from the edge to the center fold



Option one : The accent fabric is sewn and folded so the point detail is to the front of the runner.

Option One : end treatment













Option Two: The fabric is sewn so the point is flipped toward the bottom. Press well. Finish the runner in a method you like. Sew around the end or the entire table runner, using a straight stitch or a blind hem. You can also consider using decorative stitches; some decorative stitches look just as good on the back as they do on the front. You can also do some free motion OR  straight line quilting.

Second Option


5 thoughts on “15 minute Table Runner…. That took me an hour to make.

  1. I love this pattern! Since getting a pattern (mine is called the ’10 Minute Table Runner’) a month or so ago, I have made 21 table runners! I have used a lot of fabric passed on to me by family or friends that is not really quilting fabric, but looks so nice in table runners! I am so happy to have found a use for fabric that I saved and hoped I would find just the right use for one day! It happened!

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