Tirade against converter box TV, specifically PBS and Create TV

Having a Nasty, Coughing Day in Bed

First off let me say that we have cut the cable because we were not watching TV enough to justify the payment of $100 for a dish or cable. Usually I am up and about quilting, or cooking, or doing something around the house (not cleaning.) I do spend more time on the Internet then I should, i.e. this blog. I am stuck in bed with a bad cold, coughing my head off and just trying to breath. I am reduced to watching regular converter box TV. I am watching Create TV and they are having a special BURT WOLFE, THE HISTORY of FOOD. It is kind of interesting but I also know at some point, today, Create TV will repeat all the shows that I have seen and I will have to find something else to watch.

I am lamenting the loss of quilting on TV today. I am probably going to spend the day in bed and I have nothing interesting to watch because the power –that-be on the TV stations have decided that quilting/ sewing shows are not interesting enough. Of course they do not give us much of an alternative. It will be sports all day long.

My theory is it is a conspiracy of the male dominated TV hierarchy. They completely ignore the interest of women and give dominance to male oriented shows. Never mind women are at home more, woman run the home and family budget and control the spending. The shows on TV are for men. There are sports, car shows, home improvement and news. Gone are the women shows especially those for older, senior women.

My further theory is that shows, the TV hierarchy, (specifically PBS, WHO are suppose to be the education channels) do put on is aimed at keeping the American population uneducated and fat. Food shows usually highlight the most un-healthy, fat and sugar laden recipes. The healthy cooking shows are far and few between. I also do not like the current group of LIFE STYLE and crafting shows on TV. Most of are Martha Stewart rip offs but they do not show any fine workmanship. The crafts they show are tacky and unoriginal. Most of the shows on Create and PBS are just old re-hashed shows. For example, Lidia’s Italy, American Cooking, Katie Workshop shows are from early 2000s. As much as I like or dislike a show seeing it televised repeatly, ad-nauseum does not make me fonder of these TV show, seems like a waste of air time.

I wish that TV/ PBS would actually televise programs that are truly educational. They show home improvement shows, wood working, car shows, why do they not televise shows showing how to fix and repair your computer or operate software programs that are actually useful. Kids learn a lot about using various programs in high-school and college programs. (In my generation we took classes in typing, book-keeping and secretarial skills.. shows you how far out of it, I am. ) There is a whole generation of men and women did not have computers in their school and work experience and could really use such information but there are no useful classes- shows on TV.

Well enough of my Nyquil induced / cold driven rant for today. I think I am going to brave driving to Wal-Mart and buy a new DVD player so I can watch my collection of quilting DVDs. Maybe then I will not be so cranky.

Have a happy quilting day…. and remember to breath!!!



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