Exploring Machine Quilting


Exploring  Machine Quilting Techniques:


I am planning to free motion a small quilt I have been making for a friends little girl.  Since I have not done much machine quilting and I have been looking at quilts and how they were quilted.  I find that quilt shows are one of the best places to really look closely at a quilt’s details.  Since I do not know the maker I can be as obsessively nitpicky or as admiring as the quilt warrants.  As I go through the show taking close ups of the quilting detail.  I frequently take notes about the pattern, the technique, the workmanship.  I frequently make sketches of the quilting pattern so I can duplicate it later.   I have posted pictures of the machine quilting from some of the quilt shows I have been to this past summer.

YES, I will be posting some of my past machine quilting attempts in the future… but you have to promise not to laugh at my poor efforts… AT LEAST NOT WHILE MY POST IS UP… NONNIE.

Enjoy the pictures!

Whole Cloth ... probably quilted on a long arm

I think this was done on a domestic machine.. Close up of a larger piece.

Quilted on a domestic machine... love the Spirals !

Serpetine stitch in the ditch... boarder block motifs... done on domestic machine

quilted by machine

Hand quilting in Baptist fan pattern ( I think)

Whole Cloth with machine quilting... only one block
white bursts ... machine quilting
Hand Applique with Hand Quilting...Whole Cloth painted with hand dying... beautiful quilting details
Applique with hand quiliting
Variation of dressden plate


Whole Cloth painted with hand dying... beautiful quilting details

4 thoughts on “Exploring Machine Quilting

  1. Thanks so much for posting the pictures. I am very new at quilting and have been deliberating how to finish a hand appliqued wall hanging. From the examples I now know what I am going to try. Thanks.

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