More pictures of Kim Diehl’s quilts … for inspiration.

The Quilt that launched, Kim’s career.

American Quilt and Patchwork Contest Winner

Kim entered this quilt in the Better Homes and Garden’s American Quilts and Patchwork magazines, contest. It won first prize and the pattern was published in the magazine. This was the fourth quilt that Kim had made. From there she submitted more quilt designs and patterns to be published in magazines. She also submitted patterns for a book, she has been publishing ever since. Kim said she fell into fabric designing when she submitted some ideas for fabric to Henry Glass Company. Basically Kim said, ” If you have an idea …. JUST GO FOR IT!”

Pin-Wheels / Irish Chain style setting

At her editor’s behest, Kim made this quilt from pastel colors. She says she loves the pattern but she pastles are not her favorite colorway. What do you think?


1000s of berries

This quilt was stunning especially with all those little berries. Better photographs can be seen in Kim’s books. You know how it is at a guild meeting. The ladies show off the quilts but their arms get tired holding them up.


Two color quilt / Ohio Star in an Irish Chain setting.


Kim says she likes two color quilts because they are classics.




Simple Spiral Machine Quilting.. with cross overs


Kim says this is a simple all over quilt design that can be done on a domestic machine or long arm. She likes using it because she feel stippling is over done on many quilts. I think this pattern would look great on some of the baby quilts I make. I have been looking for new quilting patterns, I think I will give it a whirl




6 thoughts on “More pictures of Kim Diehl’s quilts … for inspiration.

    1. I really do not know other then to buy books….. They probably could be ordered thru a book store, from Kim’s web page. Do they have AMAZON in Africa? The quilts she shows in her trunk shows is from her books.

      1. Thanks Nonnie, I will try Amazon. I have already made a Kim Diehl quilt from the pattern that I got in one of the quilt books I subscribe to. It hangs in a pride of place in my home where many admire it.

  1. Is there a pattern for the Kim Diehl Ohio Star in an Irish Chain quilt? If it’s in one of her books do you know which one?

    1. Debbie … the two color quilt was made by KIM DIEHL … she has a series of traditional quilt pattern books. The pattern might be in one of those. The quilt you admire was from her lecture series / trunk shows. My notes at the time said it was one of the first quilts she had made … so I think she either copied an antique quilt or had a pattern…. check out her books.


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