Mini Quilts and Wall hangings, too!

The quilts in this collection were all wall hangings less than 30 x 30 inches in size.   There also was a grouping of  miniature quilts where the patches were less than an inch in size and most of the completed blocks were two to three inches in size.   ENJOY  !!!!

Mini Applique


FANTASY : pieced and applique


Feathers less then the size of a dime.


LOG CABINS: measurred 1/2 inch logs

When no one was looking I carefully measured some of these patches and ….. THEY WERE SO TINY! 



I also liked some of the “Art” wall hangings displayed. At this quilt show I had paid particular attention to the various quilting techniques both machine and hand work, the motifs used and the density of quilting. Many in the art quilt category resulted from a work shop with Sharon Schambers…. I am so jealous! ENJOY !!!


SUNFLOWER - machine quilting workshop
Cone Flower - workshop
Basket of Plenty


Fence Post on a Country Road


Let me remind everyone this is not my work but pictures I took at the Grand Rapids Quilt Show.  I am currently interested in the various methods of quilting the tops being made.  I do try to take pictures of the quilt with the written information cards from the show but they usually can not be read on the pictures. I do not have enough battery capablities to take pictures of both.

I was able to view long arm machines at this show. Recently I was able to see demonstrations of domestic machine quilting using different types of frames, including the John Flynn at a workshop. Both were interesting. I bought a used John Flynn frame but I am totally intiminated by it. If I ever get to use it I will review it.





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