KNITTING, KNOTTING, it is winter hat season.

I am surprised I got a picture.
My grandson's 2010 winter hat... did you ever take a picture of a three year old?

Here is a picture of my grandson’s newest winter hat. Every year I try to knit him a new hat to match his winter coat. I started it last year and never finished it. I got it out earlier this week to work on it. I have to make two more …. and one or two for his cousin then back to quilting I go. I know how to knit and crochet but I do not like it that much… a little hat or scarf now and again for a child is okay but nothing bigger. Can you say boring !


I still plan to post more pictures of the Grand Rapids Quilt Show, I just do not know when I will have the time to play on the computer. I also plan to try and get a better picture of my grandson wearing the hat but I was really surprised he let me take this one. His idea of wearing the hat is to pull it over his face.


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