Exhibit of Japanese Quilts: Hand Quilting

Japanese Exhibit: Fish symbol of plenty

Japanese Exhibit

Details of Hand Quilting

Hand Quilted - Japanese Sister City Exhibit

Hand Quilted : Japanese Exhibit

Details of Hand Quilting

At the Western Michigan Quilt Show there was an exhibit of quilts from their sister city of OMIHCHIMAN, JAPAN. I was fascinated by hand quilting. The stitches were tiny and the lines were just a quarter of an inch a part. This resulted in a dense quilt, similar to some machine quilting I have seen. I have tried to post pictures of the quilting.

I paid particular attention to the quilting in this quilt show, since I am in the process of leaning how to quilt on a domestic machine. I will be posting close up pictures of quilting techniques over the next couple of days. I am sorry but I did not take pictures of the Quilt Cards which gave details written by the quilter. My camera batteries are limited and had to be recharged frequently. I opted to just take pictures of the quilts and the quilting details.


One thought on “Exhibit of Japanese Quilts: Hand Quilting

  1. OMG, thanks for posting these, Anna! I love hand quilting, as you know, and Japanese quilt colors have a special place in my heart. They are always so peaceful looking! I love the first one you posted!!!

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