Across the state at the Grand Rapids, WESTERN MICHIGAN GUILD’S QUILT SHOW

Basket of Flowers Antique Quilt
Close up of Floral Baskets


Close UP Antique Stars


1850s Applique Quilt

Antique Quilt

Close up


1850 Antique
Hand quilting stitches
Close up, some deterioration of the red flowers


1850 Antique Quilt- applique & hand quilted
















I spent the weekend at my sister’s home. I went to Grand Rapids in order to go to the Grand Rapid’s Western Michigan Guild’s Quilt Show. I had a blast. I took a class in EQ7 and I just may buy that program… still thinking about it. I looked at every quilt.. up close and personal. Besides viewing the quilt as whole entity I looked closely at the quilting. My conclusion was: Hand quilting is a live and well in Grand Rapids. The quilters in Gd Rapids do beautiful work. I will be posting some pictures over the next week for us all to drool over.

The first group of quilt pictures I plan to post are the antique quilts. The signage stated that some were family quilts, but some were purchased via garage or estate sales or on vacation at Puducah or Huston. Believe me I am pretty jealous. I have several close up pictures. One of the quilts shown is actually deteriorating badly. I am wondering if the fabric is falling apart due to the dyes used to color the fabric or was it stored in an area that caused the deteriorating. The cautionary tale is that we as quilters need to store our works of art carefully when not in use. I also took several pictures of the hand quilting. I am hoping the pictures will show the beautiful hand work. This group of quilts were dated between 1850 and 1860. Some of them had notations on the back or had labels added by the current owner.


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