All Day Quilt Retreat

Twice a year one of the guild members organizes an all day quilt retreat. We gather at the senior center with our projects and equipment. We bring goodies for a pot luck, set up our equipment and start sewing. As the day progresses… projects get hung up on the design wall…finished and in progress as we all need a better look to make decisions.

I wandered around yesterday peeking at everyone’s project… here are some of the pictures ….. I should warn everyone I try to EDIT / PhotoShop ugly backgrounds out so we can view the subject / quilt project without distraction of ugly backgrounds……………….. ENJOY THE PICS.

Mary entered the Hoffman Challenge a year ago and her miniature quilt was selected to tour the country. She brought it because she knew we wanted to see it. Here it is in all it’s glory. The paisley fabric was the challenge fabric.

Tea, Anyone?

This cute table runner was completed, except for the binding.

Cats, Cats and more Cats


Michigan Farm Land


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