Does your fabric talk to you ???


Does your fabric talk to you???

I swear I hear my fabric shout at me to use it to make a specific quilt pattern.  I found this delicious Kaufman floral print fabric and it kept yelling at me kaleidoscope, four patch kaleidoscope…. Then once I sewed the blocks together  the fabric started yelling at me… HIP TO BE SQUARE ( pattern by Amy Davison of Goodrich MI) setting style.  

So here are my pictures of my quilt in progress.  I will be writing more about it as I go along… I have several blogs planned talking about : my recent mini-Quilt retreat,  the Gathering Ladies and events that occurred in July.    

kAUFMAN "Botanica" purchased last summer

 The fabric is lusious,  each block is about 4-1/2 inches but that varied block to block.  There is a little less than 1/2 inch between the blocks so the seam allowances end up way scant.  I really wish fabric designer would take into account how fabrics are actually used…. 3/4 of an inch would have been better for my project. 

What would you do with this fabric??

I took four of the same blocks and pieced them together.  None of the blocks came out exactly, even so I floated each block in the sashing.   I then had to figure the sashing making them extra long and squaring  up the fabric after each step.  I sewed the top sashing on squared it then sewed the side sashing on.   The blocks were over size so I then carefully squared up the blocks to 12-1/2 inches.  

4 patch block with top and bottom over sized sashing -


Four patches when sewn together varied in finished size.  I had to recut my sashing strips about 1/2 inch bigger.  I then squared the ends of the top and bottom sashing to be even with the block.

Only then did I sew on my side sashing.  I then squared up the block to 12- 1/2 inch square making sure my upper right corner was always consitent.  I am hoping that I will have the illusion of correctly made blocks, as that is where the secondary pattern will develope.

Patches laid out on the design wall

I laid out the blocks with the first set of sashing sewn together with the second set of sashing just to see what it looks like. 

Block sewn together - 27 inches - NEED 8 MORE


This is my first completed block… I need  8 more for sure.   Each section is 27 inches x 27 inches.  I am not sure if I have enough fabric to make the queen size quilt I am hoping for.   I do need to watch placement of my colors.  I got the two heavy / dark colored blocks to close together.  I think in the future I will make all the blocks with the first sashing on and then put them on the design wall before I go to the second sashing set so I can balance out the blocks more. 

The thing is before I can work on this quilt for myself I have the funraiser quilt I need to work on and finish.  It is due in two weeks.   I think that is what I am going to work on tonight.   Grandson is gone with the other grandparents for vacation… so I will need to get busy in the evenings while the stitching time is there.



4 thoughts on “Does your fabric talk to you ???

  1. My fabric talks to me but only after I make a mistake. I mostly like kits because someone with a better eye knows what fabric works well with a certain pattern.

  2. I love the neutral browns surrounding each of your four ‘blocks’ of your fabric. It really breaks up all those flowers and gives your eyes a needed rest, but then two of the corners with a different tint of brown, that’s also really brilliant!

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