WHAT A STORM …. JULY 15, 2010 …Half of Lapeer blew away!

What a storm!

 Knocked out the internet for several hours… just when I had some ideas for this blog.  Now that the storm has passed I forgot what great ideas I had to post.  The electricity went out at intervals which meant no TV/ quilt show DVDs.  No light, to hand- stitch by or to read books or magazines.  No electricity for the sewing machines… bummer.  

 The storm blew the baby’s pool across the side yard ( over 100 yards) into the woods… Thankfully the pool survived,  I would not be able to replace it.  I would hate to image the rest of the summer with no baby pool. Wal-Mart and Miejers already sold off the summer pool  stuff and have the fall and winter stuff out for sale…Who needs snow shovels in July?   I still can not find Nee Nee’s favorite big ball.  I think it might be in the woods or in the neighbor yard.  I bet the dogs next door attack it and chew it up.

 Go figure, I never buy anything the stores put our this far ahead of time.  I have found that, 1)  When I need it; it will be on sale.  2) I do not have enough storage space as is I am not going to buy stuff I will not be able to use for 4-5 months.  I think the stores are nuts to push seasons so far ahead.  People who buy fall / winter stuff now are even nuttier.   Maybe they want to space out their spending but the really good sales are always later. 


  I am finding that the more time spent on blogging the less quilting I get done.  I hope you will forgive me for not posting more than once a week.   I do plan to post pictures as I go along more often… Family pictures and quilts in progress will be posted as I go along.



I am back into my UFO stack of boxes.  I pulled out what I call my cancer quilt.  I started it for a girl I know that had surgery for breast cancer.  She was negative and since she did not need the quilt for chemo treatments I ended up going back to work on a different projects planning to work on this quilt later.  It no longer seemed to be an emergency.   I always had this quilt in the back of my mind to finish but family quilts took precedent.   Recently, another girl I work with was just diagnosed with breast cancer, so I dug out this quilt.  I plan to finish it either for her fundraiser in August or to give directly to her to use during her chemo treatments.    I will post pictures as I go along because it is a flip and sew BARGELLO style quilt that is quilted as you progress sewing the strips together.   



bar·gel·lo [baar jéllō]

(plural bar·gel·los)


  needlepoint stitch: a straight needlepoint stitch that is worked in zigzag waves across the canvas to create chevron or scallop patterns. Also called Florentine stitch 

[Mid-20th century. Named for the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy, where there are several examples.]

 As a quilt pattern BARGELLO mimics the needle point stitch pattern.  The strips provide movement by being off-set and moving the patches up or down to sewn next to a neighboring color.   I have seen this quilt made with strips of the exact same size and of different size strips so there is a more pronounce asymmetrical  movement of color.  

Two books I own and can recommend are: 

Bargello Quilts by Marge Edie.

Marge’s method is a  QUILT AS YOU GO / FLIP AND SEW TECHNIQUE.  Her genius shows the quilter how to design her own patterns and quilt.    

She gives you the tools to design your own ONE OF A KIND Bargello Quilt. She give detailed instructions on how to make execute the techniques but she strongly recommends you plan your own colors and textures.  She includes many design concepts.   

I used this book’s instructions to plan out my quilt.  But I did not go as far as Marge does to draft it out.  I am cutting different size strips and sewing them on as I go.  I plan to go up and down in irregular intervals.   I also plan to use the Fons and Porter Bargello method for cutting my strips by sewing them into a connected circle and then figuring out which color goes where to develop the pattern as I go.  I am hoping this method will work because it looked like a lot of fun when I watched the show. 


This book was more of a pattern book Maggie gives you instructions on how to replicate her quilts with your fabric. She does show you different size strip sewing techniques and taking blocks made and laying them out in different pattern layouts.  These blocks are made in a traditional one block at a time method, making the quilt top then quilting the top.  The patterns are very graphic and geometric.   



Have a happy quilting day !



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