I have been working on my RICKY TIM’s KOOL KALEIDOSCOPE but one of the wedges is out of alignment as so far I have not figured a way to fix it as will not be aligned correctly.  I have tried re-sewing it and it only gets worse.   So I am going to do MAGIC APPLIQUE over the mistakes.   I am going to make another Kool Kaleidoscope in the future…. Reasons?

I want to do this pattern correctly.   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the technique. I have several theories of why it came out funky and I want to see if I am right.  Center Medallion is 36 inches across I extended the border  4 inches beyond the original patterns.   I made sure the border lined up correctly as that was the most important and stongest focus of the wall hanging. 


 I found out I made some of the wedges about a half inch to 3/4 of an inch different sizes.  This resulted in several of the wedges being misaligned.  For the most part it gets lost in the pattern and you can not tell unless you stare at it but in the center there is a hole.  It is very important when you make this pattern of wedges you measure and make sure all the wedges are the same size.   I think I did not use only the center wedge to fashion my pattern.  This resulted in a misalignment at the “edge of the wedge.”   


Boarder alignment has to be correct

To me the alignment with the borders were more important.  I feel if I was too far off here the entire quilt would have failed.

The center area will be ” fixed”  with an interesting applique that will help re-align the  blocks and blend them together.   A mis-aligned border would have really stuck out.

 Something I think I need to do different in the next quilt is make better stradas.   I do not feel there was adequate contrast here.  One or two darks in the strada would have given the quilt top more depth.  I also feel that by putting 5 strips in the strada making it 12 inches or larger, the strada wasted fabric and  watered down the design.   Next time I will be sure to put larger strips on the outside of the strada and smaller strips in the center areas.   

I am thinking of several ideas to expand this quilt pattern.   I also want to play with radiant spokes coming from the center of the quilt as a design element.   I also think a large bedquilt with several of these kaliedescope in differnt sizes and styles would be interesting.  I wonder if my daughter would like one?






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