Google Reader is a MUST !

I love surfing and finding new quilting blogs, especially the ones with lessons, tips, techniques, free patterns and MOST OF ALL POD CAST.  Problem is that it is hard to keep up with the regular ones.  I signed up for Google Reader and I keep track of  25-30 blogs all the time.  SOOO MUCH EASIER. 

Google has other helpful applications I am just beginning to explore them.   YOU do have to open a Gmail account in order to use the GOOGLE READER and the other applications. 

 THIS GETS ME TO THE TOPIC OF POD CASTS.   I do not have an iPod and I do not plan to get one.  To me it is just something more to lose or misplace.  I have learned you can BURN a podcast on a cD!   That is great cause I can then pop them into my car’s cD player and listen to quilting all the way to work…. Love it …. no more talking heads.


  •  Right click on the ICON for the MP3 or MP4 or .Wav files.  (All will burn to a cD.)
  • SAVE TO TARGET,  just be sure you know what folder you put these download podcast in.  I have lost some of my first downloads in my computer and still can’t remember where I filed them. 
  • Burn to disc using Windows Media or whatever software you have on your computer.

BTW….. for some reason I can not post on THE QUILT SHOW…. I am quiet upset about it as it is my favorite web site… I love that forum.  BOO HOO!   DID THEY BANN ME IN  SECRET?





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