What are you reading?

Here is what I have been reading this past Memorial Weekend. 

 CRAFTER’s COMPANION…Edited by Anna Torborg

     Recommended on one of the pod cast ( sorry do not remember which one) Whimsical Projects and crafts. Short essays on why the various crafters create and craft.

Art and Quilt: Design Principals adn Creativity Exercises by LYRIC KINARD.

       I have been picking up a number of books on techniques, creativity, design and color. This book has some great excerscise that I actually understand and can do. She suggest putting your completed excerscises in a portfolio or binder. I am finding it a great inspiration and am working my way through this book. I can also see myself repeating the excerscises as they are so much fun. Added benifit I am using the book with my great- neice ( 10 years old ) who had been spending weekends with me. Her mom says she is becoming very interested in crafting on her own.


     I recognize some of the projects from her magazine but there are a lot of them brand new. I like the NEW ENGLAND styling of many of the projects. My daughter loves the contempory colors used. Most are simple enough a novice sewer can accomplish them. cD of patterns and templates are included at the back of the book. This was the most expensive of my recent purchases but I had a 40% and 10% total off coupon from JoAnn’s so I am enjoying it without guilt. I have collected many of her previous books on Housekeeping, Gardening, cooking and crafting. I find the information from her OMNIMEDIA group to be pretty accurate and reliable.



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