Lansing MI Quilt Show… just a few interesting pictures

This is a close-up of a shadowed star block

You can see a shadow behind the star.  I saw a lot of quilt using similar techniques of placing shadow shapes behind the main motif.  Many of the quilts had interesting light vs dark details in the quilts.

Zig Zag variation.

 I have always seen this pattern using half square triangles.  This block seems to have one third dark on the diagonal.  Light and dark is altered to get a zigzag setting.   It was machine quilted, machine pieced.

Quiltville / Bonnie Hunter Free Pattern

I met the lady who made this quilt.  I love the contrast of her darks and lights.  This was a free pattern from Bonnie Hunt’s Quiltville.  The quilter said most of the fun of making this quilt was haunting thrift stores and Goodwill collecting the shirts and fabric to make the quilt.


I love the flying geese in this pattern.

 Flying Geese is one of my favorite patterns ever since I learned to make them using Eleanor Burns’ easy technique.

This simple block becomes .......

This simple split on the diagonal block with contrasting strip sewn through the center turns into…..

Simple block -- Great quilt-- Love the interplay of light and dark











A GREAT QUILT… I love the interplay of all the dark stripes going one way and the light stripes going the other way.

Shadows and Light Star Settings









Once again I enjoy the interplay between light and dark  in this furrows setting.  I also like the borders, again with the light and dark contrasting piecing. 

I think this guild may have had some workshops on working with shadows and light and dark contrasts.  This is a very design oriented guild with several members who have published their own patterns.

I loved the combination of  the log cabin blocks and the stars center medallion.  The machine quilting on this quilt was lovely.   It could go to my home any time it wanted.


I will post more pictures as soon as they are edited.  Please let me know what do you think of my size selection.  I want the jpegs big enough to see, but not so big they eat up my allotment.

Happy Quilting



5 thoughts on “Lansing MI Quilt Show… just a few interesting pictures

    1. Deborah,
      Thank you for commenting. The picture you want the pattern for was from a quilt show so I do not have the pattern. I tried getting a clear enough picture to see if I could draft it in EQ 7 or at least recognize the pattern in one of my books. Sorry. I would try a search for flying geese quilts. I usually try to draft a block for myself but do can not at this time. I am looking for my original picture but I have not found it yet; that will allow me to get a better picture so I can try to draft the block. If I find it I will email the results to you but do not wait for me… look for the quilt pattern on the internet or in books….. Nonnie

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