Researching setting solutions

Designing New Traditions in Quilts by Sharyn Squier Craig


Setting Solutions by Sharyn Squier Craig


Great Sets by Sharyn Squier Craig


Simple Strategies for Block Swap Quilts  by Lynn Roddy Brown


Sensational Setting  by Joan Hanson


Smashing Sets  by Margaret J Miller


Better by the Dozen   by Susan Teegarden Dissmore


Simple Quilts that Look Like a Million Bucks by Nicole C. Chambers


I am researching all of these books because they deal with different style of settings.  I especially appreciate the books that deal with different ways of dealing with different size blocks.  I find the traditional style of sampler blocks where the blocks just line up with sashing kind of boring. 


I will be posting some of the information I have gleaned from my readings in a future post.  If I use them I will tell you if they work or not.


Happy Quilting




2 thoughts on “Researching setting solutions

  1. Bravo to you for trying new settings/sashing ideas! I am one of those “follow the directions” quilters who just can’t visualize ideas–but when you get this quilt finished, I want to see what you decided to do! The fabrics sound yummy…jill

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