In progress quilt projects

Gift for Baby Isabella Noel
Isabell's Quilt Framed four patch block with fussy cut DIVAs in Training blocks. Machine Pieced, Two sided binding. Machine Quilted by Lisa Burmann Studio's. I am currently FAUX hand quilting the fussy cut diva blocks. Close up of Diva in Training Blocks.




 I am hoping to get this little quilt done in the next month.  I am finding I am enjoying the hand work.  Faux hand quilting is just quilting into the batting but not into the backing fabric.  I did not want my stitches to show because I am using multiple colors of thread… Plus who needs to know I only can quilt TOE HOOKERS !!!



MY NEXT PROJECTS WILL BE …. Quilts for Brookie and Mia.  I owe little MIA a quilt… long story and no I am not going to squeal on myself.   So I am going to make her a simple quilt comforter with simple borders (YEAH,  like I ever make just a simple quilt.)  using this cute panel and coordinate fabrics.    BUT….. I can not make Mia a quilt without making Brookie a quilt…. Just simply not fair, cannot be done……. So my evil plot is to get Brookie’s Nonnie to help me.  She quilts, so she can make Brookie’s while I make mine for Mia.    That way I have fulfilled my obligation (FINALLY) and both quilts will be made.

Here are photo edited pictures of the quilt panel and fabrics.  I selected the fabrics because they kind of reminded me of each of the girl’s personality.   ( I usually edit the background of my pictures and I also have to adjust the color or you would just be seeing dark blotchy pictures….. I am getting good at photo editing if I do say so myself. )


Mary Englebright panel and co-ordinates for Brooke's quilt.

If I dye the hair just a little redder….. it would look just like Miss Brookie carrot top !

Mary Englebright fabric for Mia's Quilt

 Take  a close look at this panel… this little girl looks just like MISS MIA.    (Someday I will post their pictures with their parent’s permission.)


I am also thinking of cutting up this panel to make a cute little toddler quilt …. but it might have to go live in my stash for a while …. till the right child comes along.

Beach Babies from my stash… for the future


I am enjoying this blogging business… I just have to learn how to use some of the features of WORDPRESS.  I have no idea how to program the side panels….. That I am leaving for another day. 


Have a happy quilting day



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