Hello fellow quilters

I am the NONNIE of a 2 year old little boy… cute but busy. ( 2012 now 4 years old going on 40.) I still work full –  time.  This is why I dream more of quilting then I actually quilt.  Of course, if I did not play on the computer so much I could probably get more quilting done too!  But then this blog would not exist.

I want to make quilts for my family to pass down to my nieces and nephews and my daughter.  When my parents came to this country from Italy they were not able to bring any family belonging or treasures with them.  I always kinda envied family’s who had belongings dating back to their ancestors.    

 I have also dislike the throw away generation I grew up in.  Things were made shoddy because they were cheap to replace.  Problem is things that are shoddy do not work for long and I get annoyed having to replace an object with another shoddy product.   I tend to do without products that do not hold up or function as it should. …  Enough…

I have chosen quilting as my craft because I love sewing and think quilts are beautiful hugs to wrap my family in.  If my arms can not be there… my quilts can.  I find quilting to be challenging but also interesting and fun.  I am not an expert quilter but I try and do the best I can with every project I make.  I love learning new techniques and plan to try every one that comes along.  I have noticed that I tend to be more eclectic in my quilting … mixing  piecing, applique ( machine and hand) hand work, machine quilting and hand quilting in the same project.    I do start with a pattern be if from a magazine, a book or purchased.  I also take lots of classes at my LQS.  But most of my quilts get changed and become something else… Hopefully better but always my own.


I hope you will want to follow along on this journey and will occasionally drop by to see what I am up to, thinking about….. What mischief I am getting into.   I plan to post links, and pictures and hope some day to post a podcast….. but that is way in the future.


Happy Quilting



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