Free motion quilting : session TWO



Top half of the panel

This is from my second session of FMQ on this sheep quilt. I used a french curve for the top panel and made gentle swoops. I was trying to mark them consistently but when I sewed them I strayed from the path. I only did one single pass using 40 wt King Tut thread. I was trying to mimic background hills.

Bottom half of the quilt panel ...

Bottom half of the quilt panel …

I originally tried to use a vertical flame pattern similar the horizontal flame pattern in the section above. I ended up picking out all the FMQ stitches. Thank goodness, there was less than a quarter of the section quilted. I then marked new lines in a curved grid pattern. I was having trouble following the lines without back tracking. As again I was using the 40wt King Tut thread,the back tracking showed, I kept getting bobbles and funky miss-stitches when I moved my hands. This would not win any prizes in a quilt show; but works great on a baby quilt. I find over quilting covers up a lot of mistakes and it looks like it was intentional. I do not think it would have looked so funky in the first place if I had used a thin thread such as bottom line, a 60 to 100 weight thread.
Off I go for another FMQ session. I need to plan out what I am going to do in the multiple borders. One thing I know is I will only be using thin thread for the rest of the quilt. I am thinking of doing some of the motifs and patterns I learned through ANGELA WALTERS Craftsy classes and books. I will be posting them in the future.

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4 Responses to Free motion quilting : session TWO

  1. Colleen says:

    That’s looking really good!

  2. quiltinglab says:

    I agree that your choices work really well, especially the grid. Good work!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    It all gets better with practice. You’ll soon be happy with it.

  4. sandydh says:

    I love your quilt design choices, especially the curved grid. That works perfectly!

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